The children are back at school, the pumpkin spice latte is popular at coffee shops, the glow of football stadium lights fills the night, and the days are getting shorter and crisper. That means, the leaves will soon start to change into the colors of fire and will soon fall to the ground, covering it like a patchwork quilt.

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The downside is that the blanket of leaves has to be removed to protect your lawn from fungus, rot and disease. The upside is that the chore of leaf removal doesn’t have to be the arduous task that many make it.

Leaf Removal Tools

Leaf Removal Tools For the DIYers, there are some amazing tools out there to help you with this fall tradition. Leaf blowers are a great way to get large volumes of leaves into smaller and more manageable piles, but have you checked out the leaf vacuums that are available? They suck up the leaves as well as mulch them and feed them right into an easy to empty bag. They range in all prices and come in electric and battery versions.

Leaf Removal Services

Many cities have sites where you can dispose of your leaves, just call the city’s sanitation or maintenance departments to get the scoop. If you have a garden, there are a number of ways to prep it in the fall. And, one of the most environmentally friendly and mutually beneficial ways to dispose of your leaves is to spread them over the surface. In the spring, you can rototill them to create nutrient-rich soil for your summer plants. If you don’t personally have a garden, consider contacting a community garden site that might welcome your discards for their personal gain. 

A contract with a quality landscaping company that removes leaves can be a very wise investment when you are short on time or would just rather be watching college football or heading to the farmer’s markets.

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