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Artificial Grass Installation Services

Artificial Grass Installation

If you hate the hassle of mowing the lawn or cleaning mud from your carpets then CHRISAM Garden is the perfect solution – our synthetic lawns are low-maintenance and remove the stress that comes with the upkeep of traditional turf.

Looking To Install A Beautiful Artificial Lawn In Your Back Garden?

We believe there are many reasons including:

Domestic Lawns

Millboard Decking

Roof Gardens

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Synthetic Lawns

Play Areas Lawns

Why Fit Artificial Grass In Your Front Garden?

Many front garden lawns are small and very difficult to maintain. Often the only way to get a lawnmower to them is to bring it through the house making the house dirty. Watering the lawn in the summer months can be difficult and in general the amount of effort needed to maintain this small area it too much for most.

The front garden though is vital in creating a good first impression of the property so having a well manicured, good looking space is essential. This is why artificial grass is proving such a popular choice in front gardens.