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Patios Driveways & Paths Services

Patios Driveways & Paths

We build bespoke driveways, patios and pathways from a variety of materials including Sandstone, Granite slabs, marble, cobble setts and driveway blocks..

Considering the beautiful natural stone patios and driveways gives. This will let your neighbors grin with envy and your investment in installing a new driveway or Patio will be far outweighed by the value we will add to your property.

Services We Give

Bespoke Driveways

Natural Stone Patios

Sandstone Patios

Granite Slabs & Marble

Cobble Setts

Driveways Blocks

CHRISAM Garden Process

At Chrisam we only use the finest materials for all our jobs, we will install drains effectively to prevent standing water forming after heavy rains. The options for Patios and driveways are endless and our finished work will enhance any home.

Chrisam has over 15 years of landscaping experience and are one of Milton Keynes top landscaping and Fencing company.

If you would like to discuss your landscaping project face to face. Please contact us and we can arrange a meeting at your property.